Saturday, July 31, 2010

Closing in on Carter

After finding out Carter was a boy, and admitting to my Dr. and Whitney (the ultrasound girl who had been through the long journey of infertility with us), I had to start shopping obviously because I had no boy items. It's ironic though because 3 1/2 years ago I went to a consignment with my mother-in-law to shop for my nephew who was not born yet. I picked up a white bubble that looked to be handmade and put it in my closet and held onto it thinking one day I might just have a boy. It's a good thing I kept it!

My blood pressure was high my entire pregnancy so I had to be put on medicine for it. At 30 weeks the dr. took me off work and told me it was I was on limited bedrest. I didn't really ask what that was but I asked the girls at the checkout what that means. They of course asked him and it just so happened to be the week of Thanksgiving. The response they came back with was "NO shopping". I never get to shop Black Friday because of working always and I couldn't even do it now. All of you know I cheated. Amber picked me up about 10 in the Tahoe on Black Friday and we hit up Kirklands!

I did take it easy for those next few weeks and did obey every order that the dr. gave me. I was off work for the first holiday season in a long time! I missed work because Holiday Season is my favorite time of the year at work. So much to execute, time crunch, and it only lasts like 5 weeks.

The next 9 weeks seemed to fly by. I'll continue later at 35 weeks.

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