Thursday, March 24, 2011


The past two weeks have been crazy crazy busy in our house. It seems like Carter has become more brave about everything he does. I opened the oven one night last week and he came running up behind and touched the oven door. It burned his little arm. He didn't cry but I did. He has not acted like it bothered him. I guess I will be FORCED to listen to my mom when she says "get out that pack and play and PUT HIM IN IT!". I have never done that because I just felt like I wanted him to be free to run around and explore! I learned my lesson for sure. My biggest fear is I don't want it to scar. I have been putting a RX cream on it so hopefully it won't. DHR COME GET ME.. I"M HERE NOW

In the evenings when I get home we have been playing alot outside on his little four wheeler and his dinosar that you can ride. I remember my nephew riding the four wheeler because Corey and I had bought it for him when he turned 1. I could not believe Carter was big enough to ride it and push the button. TIME FLIES! Not only does he like to ride these toys but he likes to stand up on them! He is going to be be the death of me. I am sure of it.

The past two weeks have been so busy that I just find it hard to even relax when I go to bed. I go to bed thinking of everything that has to be accomplished the next day and what has to be done BEFORE Carter wakes up in the a.m. Sometimes it makes me a little stressed. The highlight of last week (for those of you who know I love to find a cheap deal especially with my coupons) was I purchased Purex w/Zout at Target for $1.99. YES I AM EXCITED! hahaha!!!

I am sure we all find that sometimes when our friends have worries, struggles, burdens etc. we find that it hurts us so badly to see them hurting it almost becomes our burden. I have lots of friends with needs right now. My prayers at night lately have been different.. Not that I don't pray for God to give them wisdom to make the right decisions but for them to have peace about every decision they have to make. I know I can't but he can. Goodnight!

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